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  • 6,228,326 B1
    Arrays of Independently-Addressable Supported Fluid Bilayer Membranes
    This is the basis of Synamem Corporation and represents our core MembraneChip technology, an invention developed by Jay Groves (co-Founder of Synamem Corporation) and Steven Boxer (Scientific Advisor to Synamem Corporation). Described in this patent is the essence of fabricating supported lipid bilayer on silicon chips, arrayed in corrals separated by barrier regions. These membranes retain the natural fluidity of the phopholipid bilayer, making them ideal mimics of the cellular surface. Cell membranes can be arrayed on these chips on an industrial scale, creating a very enabling platform for drug discovery. The MembraneChip technology facilitates the discovery of drugs targeting cell-cell contact, cell-surface receptors, ion channels, and essentially any component of the cell membrane.
  • 6,503,452 B1
    Biosensor Arrays and Methods

    This patent by Steven Boxer (Scientific Advisor to Synamem Corporation) further develops the MembraneChip™ technology by specifying methods for flowing distinct membranes into the corral array elements of a chip.  The invention facilitates the use of the MembraneChip™ as a means of screening drugs against an essentially limitless number of membrane targets.  Moreover, this patent describes the use of the MembraneChip™ technology as a powerful biosensor for the identification of specific molecules from complex mixtures, providing an important tool in medical diagnostics.
  • 6,699,719
    Biosensor Arrays and Methods
    This invention by Victoria Yamazaki (VP of Biological Research and Development of Synamem Corporation), Jay Groves (co-Founder of Synamem Corporation), and Steven Boxer (Scientific Advisor to Synamem Corporation) further expands the drug discovery opportunities created by the MembraneChip™ technology.  Fundamentally, this patent introduces the concept of multiplexing to MembraneChips™, facilitating the rapid screening of vast numbers of drug candidates each against an array of possible membrane targets including receptors and ion channels.  In the context of the aforementioned patents, this multiplexing can be applied not only to drug discovery for single membrane components, but also for processes requiring cell-cell interactions and adhesion.  This patent represents the most fully-developed realization of the MembraneChip™ advantage, as it specifies a direct means for utilizing the technology at the level of industry drug screening.
  • US2004/0053337 A1
    Membrane-Based Assays. 
    This patent by Victoria Yamazaki (VP of Biological Research and Development of Synamem Corporation) and Jay Groves (co-Founder of Synamem Corporation) provides a powerful detection system for assays using the core MembraneChip™ drug discovery technology. For the first time, binding of ligands to membrane receptors can be detected without having to label the ligand, as the binding event is registered through changes in the mobility of lipids in the membrane. This label-free detection method greatly enriches the drug screening experience, as it enables the study of ligands which lack suitable chemistry for derivatization.

  • S02-241
    Spatially Encoded and Mobile Arrays of Tethered Lipids. 
    This invention by Steven Boxer (Scientific Advisor to Synamem Corporation) adds incredible versatility to the MembraneChip™ drug discovery platform. It enables the tethering of vesicles to arrayed fluid lipid bilayers through complimentary DNA/DNA association. Larger protein complexes can be displayed in the tethered vesicles, facilitating the study of intact signal transduction pathways emanating from cell membrane receptors. The contents of each arrayed vesicle are easily encoded in the sequence specific oligonucleotide tether, giving spatial addressability. In combination with our core MembraneChip™ technology, this system will greatly expand the spectrum drug discovery opportunities available against membrane targets.


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