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Synamem is an early stage biotechnology company which has developed a unique and highly enabling platform for academic and industrial R&D.  For the first time, naturally fluid and functional biological membranes have been integrated into a scaleable discovery system, where membrane components retain their natural biological signaling capabilities. It is becoming increasingly evident that spatial rearrangement of receptors and signaling molecules within the fluid membrane environment are highly significant. In addition our technology allows for specific targeting of collective molecular interactions that are appreciatively different from isolated, individual binding events. In these ways it offers a unique discovery opportunity on many previously difficult to study membrane targets.

Technology and Capabilities
Our core supported membrane technology provides biologically active cell membranes at an industrial scale. Synamem has developed proprietary methods for expressing and displaying membrane proteins, creating an enabling technology for academic research and industrial drug discovery. Lipids and proteins are free to move within the membrane plane, forming the intricate complexes required for cell signaling. Synamem technology is extremely versatile, and is compatible with array format in the form of the MembraneChip, silica beads, tethered vesicles, and mesoporous supports, and has been leveraged to create a number of 'label-free' functional assays.
MembraneChips are most advantageous for signaling events, where targeting upstream membrane component interactions is essential. In the area of immunology, for example, Synamem technology has been used to measure T cell adhesion and activation, where T cells interact directly with MembraneChips. It is also greatly applicable to medical diagnostics, assay development and optimization, antibody QA/QC, and studying protein-protein interactions. High-throughput characterization of simultaneous binding profiles, membrane structural changes, and signaling activity provide high-information content screens.

Value Proposition
Synamem technology combines the physiological relevance of the in vivo with the flexibility of in vitro chemistry to enable novel research and drug discovery opportunities on nearly any cell membrane process.

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